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Dr. Cheryl Lemke

CherylLemkeCheryl Lemke is President and CEO of the Metiri Group. Ms. Lemke specializes in K20 educational technology and 21st Century Learning. She is well known for her expertise and experience in systems thinking, from the policy level – with governors, legislators, superintendents, business leaders – to the school and classroom – with administrators, teachers, students, and parent. She brings over 25 years of experience in the public sector—as a teacher, technology director, policy expert at a national education laboratory, executive director at a foundation, and cabinet member at a state education agency. She is currently working with the state of Michigan to ensure district and school technology readiness for online assessments planned for 2014.

Ms. Lemke is routinely commissioned to develop policy briefs, research briefs, and white papers by private sector technology companies including Intel, Cisco, Apple, and Microsoft. She recently wrote a chapter in a book on 21st Century Learning with a major publisher, has written briefing papers for Intel on Digital Learning, Professional Development, and Assessment, and is providing strategic policy consulting to the province of Alberta, Canada. She also serves in as an evaluator for educational technology projects including Ohio’s statewide Blended Learning Project and new Center for Special Needs Students and Online Learning. She speaks nationally and internationally, most recently in Korea, Canada, Singapore, and China.