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Mark Standley

MarkStandleyMark Standley teaches at the University of Alaska Southeast and directs it's Professional Education Center. He has worked for the past 30+ years in Alaska as a K-20 educator, research archeologist, and author. A former US Peace Corps Volunteer (S. Korea), Mark has presented across the US and internationally on his books and projects including Science and Storytelling Camps, student leadership, media contests for students, and a collaborative 1:1 Guidebook from recent research with cohorts in Alaska and the UK. He was honored with title of "Father of the IdidaContest", a statewide, student and educator media event for over a decade in Alaska.

Mark is currently President of the Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE) and the Chair of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)'s Special Interest Group (SIG) 1:1. He enjoys tennis, sailing and photography in SE Alaska. And traveling to visit his two children in schools in Oregon and Germany.