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Steve Moss

SteveMossSteve has 30 years experience of applying digital technology in educational contexts -as teacher, headteacher, teacher educator, school adviser and inspector and overseeing technology planning and implementation in school capital programmes in England. He has a strong professional and personal interest in the design of effective learning spaces - real and virtual.

From 2005-2012 Steve was National Strategic Lead for Learning Technologies in the Building Schools for the Future programme; the UK government's initiative to rebuild every high school in England. More recently, he has worked with the Russian Ministry of Education and the Skolkovo Foundation providing advice on education technology and issues related to design of learning spaces for new schools. He leads the UK team (funded by Toshiba) that is collaborating with colleagues in Alaska on developing the 1:1 Guidebook (

Steve is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Laboratory of Advanced Education Technologies (, an education systems integrator that makes the best Schools of the Future (SoF) practices and technologies available for both formal and informal learning. He has supported individual schools and national programmes in China (Hong Kong), Sweden, Jordan, Australia, Russia, Canada and USA and is Chair of a Regional Broadband Consortium in the UK.